Choice. Matters. (a lot)


Choice. Matters.

You wake up in the morning, your ex is next to you in bed, you’re hung over, and as your head clears you realize you had sex, and you didn’t use a condom. Now what?

The sex was great – until the condom broke. Now what?

He didn’t listen when you said, “no.” Now what?

You know you haven’t been taking your birth control as consistently as you should – and you had sex last night without a condom. Now what?

As women we will make choices in our lives and about our bodies that can greatly impact our future. But ONE choice should never be the be all and end all of a situation. When there are choices available you should be able to freely choose the one (or more) that work best for you. The key word here is Choice. Here at Oops what we aim to do is let all women know that they have the right to make informed decisions about their bodies – before, during, and after sex. That is why we are aiming to let all women know that they have the right to emergency contraception (EC).

Emergency Contraception is available to all women in the United States, and it is available over the counter to women 18 and over. To those under 18 all you need is a prescription from your doctor or health care provider – and your parents don’t have to know. EC is not an abortion, and it won’t affect you if you are already pregnant. It just changes your cycle a little to delay ovulation, or makes it impossible for a fertilized egg to attach to your uterine lining. It’s not something that you can really use as an routine birth control measure, but it is a great tool for women to have when their plan A doesn’t go as it should.

One issue women often face when attempting to get EC is running into pharmacies that are not willing to carry it. Choice Matters is currently in the process of calling pharmacies all over Westchester County, New York to see which ones are currently stocking, or are willing to get EC. Though we have the RIGHT to EC, the right does not do anything if it isn’t acessable. Oops will highlight the pharmacies that are women-friendly, and we hope you’ll help us out. If you want to go to a pharmacy for EC and they say no or yes? LET US KNOW!

Email us at with questions, comments, concerns, or stories. We’d love to hear from you!

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