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Henry Hyde


I spent a long time thinking about this blog – but I just couldn’t come up with a way to say something about Hyde who was truthfully a man I didn’t know much about. It’s not safe to have anti-choice individuals in our government. Our constitution gives us the right to choice – we shouldn’t […]

Washington, What’s Up?


Washington state used to require that pharmacists stock and sell EC to those who request it – but earlier this month a judge suspended the requirement that requires this – meaning a pharmacist can refuse to sell it if they have moral objections to it.  They do have to provide a nearby source to get […]

Why I Care About EC


Last May I got a phone call from my little sister. Actually, I got seven of them. Sometimes, you just don’t want to talk to your thirteen-year-old sister. Finally, after a couple hours I called her back. She was at her best friends house, and she was crying. After assuring her that I would not […]

Go Brazil!


In São Paulo, Brazil they have started a fight against the huge number of unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions. They have started offering Emergency Contraception at metro stops – for ninety percent less than it costs at pharmacies! One huge obstacle to women trying to get EC is the price – that stuff is expensive! […]

Plan on Plan B… online!


Some women cite embarrassment as the reason they don’t want to go into a pharmacy to get Plan B. Others cite distance. For some women, time just doesn’t work for them. However, now there’s a way to get Plan B online. carries it, and women 18 and older can buy it there. Remember, shipping […]

Guaranteed on the shelves


Sometimes getting emergency contraception isn’t as easy as it should be. All women 18 and over in the US have the right to get EC from a pharmacy without a prescription – but it’s up the the pharmacies whether or not they will stock it. However, a growing number of pharmacies all over the country […]

EC Story 1


From time to time we will post stories from REAL women who have used EC. We’d be happy if you would submit any personal encounters you have with EC, either positive or negative. Here’s our first story: First, I’d like to tell you that usually I’m on the pill and have always used a condom […]

Myspace, Facebook, RSS Feeds. Oh my!


Oops! Plan B has gone even more interactive. We have a Myspace and a Facebook and we’d love it if you would friend us. Myspace: Go to and friend us. We’d love it if you would invite your friends to join us too! Facebook: Find us on facebook! Our name there is Choice Matters […]



Remember to vote today! Research your candidates, make sure they stand for what you do, and get out to the polls! If you live in Westchester County, please download the Pro Choice 2007 voting guide. The guide helps you to make informed decisions about who is pro-choice in local elections.

Choice. Matters. (a lot)


Choice. Matters. You wake up in the morning, your ex is next to you in bed, you’re hung over, and as your head clears you realize you had sex, and you didn’t use a condom. Now what? The sex was great – until the condom broke. Now what? He didn’t listen when you said, “no.” […]


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