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free EC for teenagers in UK City


Free Morningafter Pill for Teenagers TEENAGE girls in Bolton are to be given the morning-after pill by chemists free of charge – and without their parents’ knowledge. They will be able to walk into 30 pharmacists across the borough to ask for the pill. The scheme aims to cut down on the number of teenage […]

Roe Vs. Wade – 35 years later


It’s been thirty five years since the landmark decision by the supreme court legalized abortion in the US, and people all over the country are keeping up the fight. So keep doing your thing, everyone, and always remember that we have rights over our bodies. Happy Anniversary, Roe Vs. Wade! Let’s keep it going for […]

Abortion rate at lowest level since 1974


The rate of abortion has fallen to its lowest rate since 1974, according to this report, released yesterday. However, also according to that report, 1 in 5 pregnancies still ends in abortion, meaning we need to do something to lower the rate of unintended pregnancies. We aren’t sure what the numbers mean yet, or why […]

WHY is this an issue?


Assembly Plans Final Vote On Emergency Contraception POSTED: 3:22 pm CST January 10, 2008 MADISON, Wis. — The state Assembly plans to take a final vote Jan. 23 on a bill requiring hospitals to make emergency contraception available to rape victims. The Assembly gave preliminary approval to the bill on Dec. 11. Assembly Majority Leader […]



I just got back to college after our seven week break (don’t hate me), and I still don’t have hugely reliable internet service or computer usage, so stick with me! Anyway, on to today’s blog. The presidential election this year is pretty much on everybody’s mind. We’re adding a category here about the election – […]

Happy New Year!


Let’s start off with some humor, yes?  I do so love The Onion.


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