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Why we love Scarleteen


If you look over to the blogroll (Right there —–>) you see a link to a website called Scarleteen. Scarleteen is FABULOUS website to get sex-positive, correct, clearly presented information. Here’s an excerpt from their page on EC: The What, the Why, the Where, the When, and the How-to: Emergency contraception (EC) is a method […]

Plan B User Survey


Calling all women! Here’s a survey being carried out by the Academy for Educational Development in Washington DC. They’re trying to get stories and information about how, when, and why women are using Plan B. Here’s the criteria: 1. Did you take Plan B after January 1, 2007? 2. Do you live in the United […]

Chile’s Free EC plan under threat


Not too long ago I blogged about Chile’s plan to give access to free or very reduced cost Emergency Contraception. It seems like this plan is now under threat, as reported by Ms. Conservative officials in Chile are threatening the country’s progressive emergency contraception (EC) policies with a lawsuit that would ban EC. Under the […]

what is being taught at YOUR school?


A recent survey of Illinois public schools showed the least frequently taught topics [in their high school sex ed classes] were practical skills such emergency contraception (31%), condom use (34%), other contraceptive use (37%), and morally debated topics such as sexual orientation (33%) and abortion (39%). This doesn’t make sense – schools know that teenagers […]


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