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Legislators look at birth control issues


JEFFERSON CITY — In a legislative session dominated by parochial issues, some Missouri lawmakers are trying to move beyond restrictions on abortion rights to impeding access to certain types of birth control. This is a great article on how blocking access to birth control is against our constitutional rights, and the effects of even one […]

How Pregnancy Happens


Found over on Feministe: I think every anti-contraception “pro-lifer” needs to sit down and watch this — it never actually discusses contraception or emergency contraception (the “morning-after” pill), but anyone who can rub two braincells together will be able to figure out why contraception taken after sexual intercourse is able to prevent pregnancy without being […]

Medical Schools and Abortions


Here’s a great article on the lack of information on abortions and abortion care being taught at medical schools. Abortion is another of the most common surgical procedures that women undergo, but the story is far different. Statistics indicate that approximately 33% of women will have an abortion during their lives, but medical education on […]


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