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Ad Contest


Hey all, WV Free News is holding an add contest to promote the use of EC. Read the article in the Charleston Daily Mail, and then check out the WV Free News site for information on how to enter. And, if you do enter, go ahead and email us to let us know – we’ll […]

More on Canada


According to Ms. Magazine, Canada will now have Emergency Contraception out on the shelves for purchase right along with things like asprin and cough syrup. This is a huge step! Read the article over at Ms.

All About Canada Today


Apparently, in my mind, it’s Canada day. Or, rather, I found three interesting articles today, all from Canada, that I couldn’t really squish into one blog post. Here’s an article about how Emergency Contraception is likely going to be available on shelves soon, rather than behind the counter where you have to ask a pharmacist […]

Prescription-free morning after pill not leading to surge in unsafe sex


According to this study in Canada, having EC available prescription free has not led to an increase in unsafe sex.

Conversation with a Friend


I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said, “hey, you said that taking Emergency Contraception doesn’t hurt the kid if you’re already pregnant, right?” It sounds so cheesy, but she really did ask that. Something about her cousin being pregnant but having taken the pill. Anyway, I told her that it wouldn’t hurt […]

In Other Jobs…


In other jobs you aren’t allowed to just say “no, I don’t want to,” for many of your tasks. You can’t pick and choose what tasks you want to do. So why are pharmacists allowed to do that? Article from the Wall Street Journal: Pharmacists in Washington don’t have to dispense Plan B emergency contraception […]


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