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Doctors are Not Telling Women about PlanB


As reported by WebMD, many doctors have never discussed PlanB with their patients. Where did you first hear about Plan B? Has your doctor, or any doctor, ever mentioned it to you? Despite widespread misinformation about emergency contraception — the so-called morning-after pill — only 3% of women’s doctors discuss Plan B with them. The […]

Parents Call for the Pill


Awesome article from Education News, a UK Paper: Schools should distribute emergency contraceptives in a bid to bring down the rising rates of teenage pregnancies in Scotland, according to a campaigner. Read the rest here!


Oops Plan B attended the Mamapalooza on May 18, 2008. We set up our Oops Coach and invited people to join us on the Coach to tell us their stories and ideas. We also gave out info about Plan B and its availability in Westchester. Westchester County Legislator Lois Bronz was one of the people […]

The Right to The Pill


So, some right-wing group has labeled today “The Pill Kills Day.” They are attempting to convince women that both EC and the birth control pill will cause abortions in early pregnancy. If you’d like to see their site, go to http://www .thepillkills. com/index.html. Remove the spaces after www and before com. Read about it over […]


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