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What if Bristol Palin Knew About Plan B?


Choice Matters Applauds Bristol Palin Bristol Palin has declared she doesn’t believe in abstinence-only education because it’s “not realistic at all.” The temptation is to be glib, to say “duh! You think after getting pregnant and having the baby, while a teenager in high school…” but that would be an easy shot and a meaningless […]

Share your views with the house leadership


DCCC chairman Chris Van Hollen is hosting a conference call Friday, February 6 at 4 p.m. You can RSVP at They are looking for feedback on future legislation. If you are interested in participating we encourage you to remind the house leadership about the importance of birth control and family planning. Fully funding programs […]

Sex Ed in Minnesota


Government health officials in Minnesota testified last Monday that rates of sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, particularly among urban women, and that a proposed bill to increase funding for testing, treatment and education might stem the steady rise in rates and curb teen pregnancy. The bill was heard by the Health, Housing and Family Security […]


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