Is 17 too young for plan b?


Its interesting to note that when telling my friends about the fact that 17 year-olds can now get plan-b (emergency contraception) without a perscription several of them initially recoiled. It was an immediate reaction to the following thought process:
- plan b
- sex
- unprotected sex
- my daughter
- NO!

We understand. Here at oops! plan b, we have daughters too.

We understand that you don’t want your daughters to have sex until they are older (or for some people, married). But what if they are?

And yes, we understand that as a parent, you would want your daughter to talk with you before taking a drug like plan b. But are you willing to have her wait a couple of days to screw up the courage to tell you that she had unprotected sex, or that she was having sex and a condom broke? Plan b gets less effective the longer you wait. Are you willing to risk a pregnancy?

Those of us who support plan b as an over the counter drug are not encouraging teens to have sex. What we are trying to do is prevent pregnancy and thus, prevent teen pregnancy and abortion.

So how can a parent regain control of the situation? Lets assume that you already have talked to your kids about sex and birth control. You might want to add plan b into the discussion. Explain to them that plan b is a backup method. Its a high dose of hormones and might make you feel nauseous. And it doesn’t protect against STDs or HIV. And let them know that they can come to you if they need plan b.

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