Missouri House OKs amendment to let pharmacies refuse to sell Plan B


The Missouri House has approved an amendment 115-43 to keep pharmacies from being required to distribute emergency contraception.

The amendment states that a pharmacy can’t be sued for not carrying medication and that the state cannot revoke a license if a pharmacy does not carry certain medication. It specifically mentions Plan B.

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O’Fallon, argued that businesses owners should have the right to choose what products they carry.

“I have trouble understanding why anybody who is an American, who is not in favor of Communism, would want us to dictate what we’re going to say people can and cannot stock,” Davis said.

Communism?? Please! Missouri has many rural areas where there may be just one pharmacy for miles. If your pharmacy won’t carry Plan B, then you have no hope of getting the drug quickly.

Plan B has nothing to do with being American or being Communist.

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