Plan B increases competition for mates!


Most women would agree that oral contraceptives are one of the greatest inventions of all time — especially for women. Having access to a reliable form of birth-control freed women to work, have children when they were ready. Abortion and birth control also allowed women to marry when they wanted to — not because they had to due to an accidental pregnancy.

According to “The Bulletin: Philadelphia’s Family Newspaper” this is what is wrong with our current society. They write:

The pill’s big effect was on the relationship of men and women. Whereas men and women had always had premarital sex, before the advent of oral contraception there was an understanding that if the woman got pregnant the man would marry her. There was a study of birth and marriage records from the turn of the 20th century that showed that 30 percent to 50 percent of all first children were conceived before the wedding.

The pill, which became widely available in 1965, is called a “technology shock” that altered the relationship equation in several ways.

One is that if pregnancy is now the choice of the woman, then marriage and child support are now the choice of the man. Another is that the presence of women who will have premarital intercourse without an expectation of marriage — something the pill allows — puts women who wanted to wait until marriage to have sex at a disadvantage in the competition for mates.

The idea in this day and age of women “competing” for mates is absurd. And the notion that sexually active women are ruining for the virgins is sexist and out-dated.

The truth is, young people are having sex. Lets help them avoid accidental pregnancy by educating them about their options, increasing contraceptive usage and giving them access to Plan B when all else fails.

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  1. 1 janey Posted September 15th, 2009 - 10:14 am

    I had to think about this for a long time before I could figure out a good response to this.

    The writer from the Bulletin acknowledges that in the turn of the century, when people would marry at 18 years of age, people were having pre-marital sex to the point where 50% of first children were conceived before their parents were married. This is even before birth control or legalized abortion.

    How do they expect people in this day and age, who on average marry at 26, and have access to birth control, legalized abortion, and are exposed to constant sexual messages, to abstain? What are they offering other than a wish and a prayer?

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