Updated Info on Emergency Contraception


Emergency contraception is currently sold and marketed in the United States under the following names.

Plan B and Plan B One-Step

With Plan B One-Step™, you have up to 72 hours (3 days) to prevent a pregnancy. However, recent research indicates that it can be taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. The pill is more effective the sooner it is taken, so take Plan B One-Step as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse.
The older (2 pill) Plan B packs are being phased out. You are more likely to encounter Plan B One-Step. You do not need a prescription if you are 17 years old or over. 16 and younger, currently, need a prescription. Plan B is sold to women and men.


ella is an emergency contraceptive approved for use up to 5 days after unprotected sex or birth control failure
ella contains different hormones than Plan B. You need a prescription to get it, regardless of your age.
Get an online prescription here or call 855-2ELLARX (855-235-5279).

Next Choice

Next Choice is a generic version of the original 2-tablet Plan B. It is s labeled for use within 72 hours of unprotected sex though recent research indicates that it is effective for up to 120 hours after unprotected sex.  Next Choice is available without a prescription for women 17 or older.
Next Choice offers a pharmacy card that can be printed for your privacy.

All of the above choices for emergency contraception are not abortion pills. They will not terminate an existing pregnancy. These pills do not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Emergency contraception should not be used as your regular method of birth control. You may experience side effects that are associated with oral contraceptive pills. If your period is more than a week late, you may be pregnant. If you have severe abdominal pain, you may have an ectopic pregnancy, and you should get immediate medical help.

To find EC in your area, please see our list of pharmacies in Westchester County, NY.

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