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Missouri House OKs amendment to let pharmacies refuse to sell Plan B


The Missouri House has approved an amendment 115-43 to keep pharmacies from being required to distribute emergency contraception. The amendment states that a pharmacy can’t be sued for not carrying medication and that the state cannot revoke a license if a pharmacy does not carry certain medication. It specifically mentions Plan B. Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O’Fallon, argued […]

Sex Ed in Minnesota


Government health officials in Minnesota testified last Monday that rates of sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, particularly among urban women, and that a proposed bill to increase funding for testing, treatment and education might stem the steady rise in rates and curb teen pregnancy. The bill was heard by the Health, Housing and Family Security […]

Washington, What’s Up?


Washington state used to require that pharmacists stock and sell EC to those who request it – but earlier this month a judge suspended the requirement that requires this – meaning a pharmacist can refuse to sell it if they have moral objections to it.  They do have to provide a nearby source to get […]

Go Brazil!


In São Paulo, Brazil they have started a fight against the huge number of unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions. They have started offering Emergency Contraception at metro stops – for ninety percent less than it costs at pharmacies! One huge obstacle to women trying to get EC is the price – that stuff is expensive! […]

Plan on Plan B… online!


Some women cite embarrassment as the reason they don’t want to go into a pharmacy to get Plan B. Others cite distance. For some women, time just doesn’t work for them. However, now there’s a way to get Plan B online. carries it, and women 18 and older can buy it there. Remember, shipping […]

Guaranteed on the shelves


Sometimes getting emergency contraception isn’t as easy as it should be. All women 18 and over in the US have the right to get EC from a pharmacy without a prescription – but it’s up the the pharmacies whether or not they will stock it. However, a growing number of pharmacies all over the country […]


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