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Story 3


I’ve personally had two expeirences with EC. Once, it was Saturday night(or Sunday morning, rather), after a party. Both I and my partner were moderately drunk, and the condom broke without our noticing. It was freshman year of college, I wasn’t in a relationship, and I had lost my virginity only three or so months […]

Why I Care About EC


Last May I got a phone call from my little sister. Actually, I got seven of them. Sometimes, you just don’t want to talk to your thirteen-year-old sister. Finally, after a couple hours I called her back. She was at her best friends house, and she was crying. After assuring her that I would not […]

EC Story 1


From time to time we will post stories from REAL women who have used EC. We’d be happy if you would submit any personal encounters you have with EC, either positive or negative. Here’s our first story: First, I’d like to tell you that usually I’m on the pill and have always used a condom […]


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